Ryan Reynolds Launched His Own Streaming Service MintMobile+… With Just One Movie

Streaming services are all the rage right now. We’ve got Netflix, HBO, Peacock, Amazon, Disney+ and more fighting to be the best of the best but it seems like they’ve got new competition, Mint Mobile+.


Started by the one and only Ryan Reynolds, Mint Mobile+ only features one movie – Foolproof. In all of its glory, Foolproof is a 2003 film starring a young Reynolds and Kristen Booth. Though Foolproof is not the film we know Reynolds for, the Deadpool star proudly reminds others of his early career.

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And reminded us he did. Foolproof is on a few friends with the unusual hobby of planning grand heists. They were all just fun plans until they had to actually pull off one heist for real. The thriller-crime appears in every category on the streaming service like Top 10 in the US, Original Films and even Unoriginal films.

After his announcement, Reynolds tweeted that the streaming service would probably shut down.

Mint Mobile+ isn’t the only project Reynolds is working on. The 43-year old currently owns Aviation Gin, an American-brand spirit, and is working on getting Deadpool 3 developed. He will also appear in sci-fi comedy Free Guy and The Croods 2. Both films are due to be released in December.