Adorable Hello Kitty-Themed Rooms To Open In Tokyo Hotel

One character that has remained popular over the past five decades is the lovable Hello Kitty who has received not only her fair share of animated cartoons but also numerous collaborations such as one with Japanese bullet trains, and even Hello Kitty-themed cafes.

This time, Hello Kitty will be getting a new travel-themed collaboration with Asakusa Tobu Hotel in Tokyo which will be creating two new special hotel rooms based on Hello Kitty. Just imagine how fun it will be to go back to the Hello Kitty-themed hotel room after a long tiring day of travelling around Tokyo, and be greeted by the adorable Hello Kitty.

As Asakusa is a district in Tokyo that is steeped in historical Japanese culture, the hotel rooms that will be redesigned will feature a mix of Hello Kitty’s modern charm with Asakusa’s traditional flavour. 

The first room in the Asakusa Tobu Hotel is called Sakura Heavenly Maiden and as mentioned, features a blend of both modern and traditional styles with a Japanese style rest area with tatami mats, tables and chairs, and a celestial looking Hello Kitty adorning the wall in all her pink glory.

The second room is called Modern Japanese and is filled with a mix of checkers and flowers motifs, patterns commonly seen on traditional Japanese garments. We also see a fashionable looking Hello Kitty dressed in a kimono. 

With how fashionably the rooms are designed, fans of Hello Kitty will definitely have a great time staying in these Hello Kitty hotel rooms. Aside from that, Asakusa, where the hotel is located in, is also a great place for tourists to explore as it is home to various sightseeing spots such as the Sensoji temple and the Tokyo Skytree.

The Hello Kitty rooms will only be available from 8 October and reservations for the rooms will begin from 24 August 2020