Disney To Stop 4K Physical Releases Of Catalog Titles, Including 20th Century Studios

It’s best to hold onto your physical media as you might not be getting many more in the future. 

According to Slash Films, Disney has reportedly decided to halt production on any future Disney 4K physical media releases of catalog titles, which includes the entire 20th Century Studios library. This is especially disappointing as it seems the prospect of fans getting 4K editions of films such as Aliens, The French Connection, and Fight Club, and many other Searchlight Pictures titles, are currently slim to none. 

In a report by The Digital Bits, it added that Disney “does not have any plans” for new 4K Ultra HD releases apart from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel projects. It is apparently in an effort to help build its still relatively new streaming service, Disney+.

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However, Digital Bits does suggest that Disney might offer the licenses to its “less-demanded” catalog titles to indie distribution companies such as Criterion, Arrow, or Shout! Factory. The company might also issue 4K releases of James Cameron’s Aliens, Avatar, True Lies, and The Abyss, given that the director is currently working on the four sequels to the Avatar franchise, something Disney is very invested in. 

Currently, the only 4K Ultra HD releases scheduled from Disney are Fox’s Home Alone and Disney’s cult classic Halloween film Hocus Pocus which will hit shelves in September, though no words are out yet on Disney’s plans for new 4K editions. 

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