Ultraman’s CUM On Your Face Is The Best Defense Against The Coronavirus

Though it has been months since the coronavirus struck, it does not look like it will be going away anytime soon, with the number of cases still on the rise around the world.

This has pushed companies such as Under Armour and Uniqlo to produce and release their own face mask to help ensure everyone is well equipped to face the coronavirus when they are on the go.

Another company that has dipped its toes into making facemask for its customers is action figure company CCP who is perhaps best known for its Ultraman collectibles and figurines. 

This time, CCP has released a whole range of Ultraman-themed facemask it proudly calls CCP Ultra Mask aka CUM (via Soranews24). Fans of the tokusatsu classic can choose from one of five different designs to sport on their face, with each design based on a different character or chapter of the Ultraman franchise.

Each CUM design will also come with a different slogan written across the front of the mask. Such as the Ultra Q CUM which has the phrase “It’s the dawn of ‘tokusatsu’ in Japan.” printed on it.

Each CUM will be retailing for 1,343 yen (S$17.26), with pre-orders open from now till 31 August on CCP’s website. With how well designed these masks are anyone who wants CUM on their face (yes, we can say that now) will want to make sure they pre-order these masks quickly before they run out.