6 Free Batman Games For Everyone Right Now On Epic Games Store

This year marks the 80th anniversary of a certain Caped Crusader. Naturally, the whole of pop culture has risen up to honour the epicness of Batman, releasing merch bearing his Bat-symbol, ranging from gaming chairs, a LEGO set, a Todd McFarlane statue, and even has been inducted into the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

The gaming industry hasn’t forgotten, either. This week, in particular, sees six games featuring the World’s Greatest Detective going up for free on the Epic Games Store.

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They are:

The critically-acclaimed Arkham games are certainly the cream of the crop here, with the Dark Knight’s stealth mechanics, Detective and Predator Modes, and fluid combat have made significant ripples in the action-stealth game genre in recent years. Not to mention the stellar story featuring the iconic voice acting of Kevin Conroy (who has now gone on to become live-action Batman in the Arrowverse) and Mark Hamill a.k.a Luke Skywalker.


The LEGO Batman games are great in their own right, with the 2008 LEGO Batman: The Videogame and its sequels becoming a smash hit among dedicated gamers and families alike, even going on to spawn his own movie (though not entirely related to the games).

Both collections are normally priced at S$40.99 on the Epic Games Store, so you’re essentially saving S$80 worth of games, which is a pretty sweet deal, especially when you consider the caliber of these titles.

With Batman Day coming up on September 21, it’s high time to get up to speed on these stellar games featuring the modern Bat-God, if you haven’t done so already.