League of Legends Trademark Suggests New Board Games Are In Development

Riot Games is a household name in the gaming industry, having developed the insanely popular League of Legends, which has gone on to become a multi-million dollar franchise in the esports scene, even spawning a Secretlab endorsement.

In 2016, Riot dipped their toes into the tabletop scene, developing a board game in the League of Legends mythos called Mechs vs Minions, which has been a surprise hit ever since it was released. Sadly, it didn’t receive any expansions whatsoever.


However, it seems that Riot is making the tabletop gears turn once more, having filed two trademark applications on the Justia Trademarks website, suggesting that they might be making more board games.

The first application, simply called Riot Tabletop, was filed on August 13, and bears the International Class number 028, which specifies that this subsidiary will be developing physical toys, which also include board games.


The other application Riot sent out was Telestones, filed on July 29. This one is a little more peculiar, as it bears the International Class number 041, which suggests that it will be facilitating “entertainment”, as well as “sporting and cultural abilities”. This could mean that it is also planning something tabletop-related, but for the virtual platform.

Could Riot Games be developing an esports board game?

Furthermore, its statement under Goods and Services states that Telestones will be “arranging and conducting live competitions, exhibitions and tournaments featuring board games, tabletop games and video games”. Sounds like they want to actually make a competitive board game that could be an esports title. Interesting.

In any case, it’s a win-win for us, as we’ll have more reasons to roll dice at the table. Mechs vs Minions was a good cooperative board game from Riot, so having something a little more competitive, and even possibly more akin to actual League of Legends, could be an interesting prospect – whether you’re a pro-board-gamer or not.