There Are Now Free Parasite Movie Backgrounds For All Your Video Call And Ram-Don Eating Needs

Whether it is an expensive mansion or cluttered basement toilet, you can now pretend to be working out of either of these locations for your next teleconference call or online games night with these official Parasite backgrounds

Released in 2019, Parasite is a black comedy thriller directed by Bong Joon Ho that centres around the lives of the Kim family who live in a small semi-basement apartment and struggles to make ends meet with their low paying job of folding pizza boxes. Their lives soon change when they find themselves getting employed by the extremely wealthy Park family living in a luxurious mansion. 

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The Kims soon employ underhanded techniques to win over the trust of the Parks, only to discover a secret in the Park’s family basement that will change the lives of everyone living in the mansion.

Parasite was extremely well received upon its release, and would go on to become the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, as well as the first non-English film to win an award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The film is also receiving an HBO adaptation, with Mark Ruffalo confirmed to be starring in a major role for the project.


The free Parasite backgrounds were released by the film’s official Japanese Twitter account and feature five locations fans of the movie will recognise immediately:

The kitchen of the posh mansion, with the entrance to the basement in the background.

A view of the mansion from its entrance.

The lush green garden outside the mansion.

Park Da-Song’s bedroom which is filmed with Native American imagery.

And finally, the Kim family’s incredibly humble-looking bathroom.

Perhaps you can even take these backgrounds a step further by enjoying a bowl of Ram-Don in front of them during your next video call. It’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention.

If these Parasite movie backgrounds aren’t to your fancy, there are also backgrounds based on various anime and DC series to suit your tastes.