You Can Now Eat Gold-Painted Gundam Tofu In Japan

It’s one thing to be a fan of Gundam, but it’s another to love it so much that you feel like eating a mobile suit just be looking at it. As it turns out, fans with such an appetite will be thrilled to know that there are literally edible mobile suits that can be purchased in Japan.

Japanese tofu maker Sagamiya Foods has released a new Gundam-themed tofu as part of its unique limited-edition “Beyond G” lineup, with the Hyaku Shiki for the 1985 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series.

What’s unique about the tofu Hyaku Shiki is that it comes with a curry sauce coated in edible gold dust, which can then be painted over the tofu before eating. Once fully-painted, the curry on the tofu will resemble the gold hue of the original mobile suit as seen in the anime.

Previously, the company also released the Zaku and Z’Gok mobile suits, the both of which took the fandom by storm. The edamame-flavoured Zaku tofu will be re-releasing alongside the Hyaku Shiki tofu.

The Beyond G Hyaku Shiki tofu is available for purchase at all grocery and convenience stores in Japan, or online on Rakuten. Each piece will retail for ¥321 (US$3).

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