The House From Oscar-Winning Movie Parasite Is Now In The Sims 4

Ever since Bong Joon Ho‘s tragic comedy thriller Parasite won big at the Academy Awards earlier this month, its popularity skyrocketed, having been reintroduced in theatres across the globe and has been getting raves across the Internet as a result.

While many have been entranced by Bong’s superb storytelling (while probably whipping up a bowl of ram-don in the meantime), one such fan has recreated the Park family’s modern mansion in The Sims 4.

Korean player simkoongarchitect, who claims to be a real-life architecht, recently posted up their custom-made Park family house on their YouTube channel (shown above), offering a VR tour of the place (via Destructoid). Though you can’t actually move around the house itself, it looks as though the player has taken painstaking effort in reimagining the location where the movie is mainly set in very faithfully.

It covers virtually all of the house, including the upper floor rooms, and even the secret dungeon-like bomb shelter below the house itself. This piece of work would certainly impress Bong and the main cast to no end.

More of simkoongarchitect’s custom The Sims 4 builds can be found on their “A Real Architect Builds” playlist on YouTube.

Just like Baby Yoda, the recreation of the house from Parasite goes to show that games like The Sims and Minecraft are some of the best places to get some quality fan-made material.