Potential The Matrix 4 Movie May Be Without Keanu Reeves

There are many things that are synonymous with one another; Batman and Robin. Hotdogs and hotdog buns. Mario and Luigi. Keanu Reeves and The Matrix. What happens when you take one away from the equation?

Bullet time just won’t be the same without Neo.

Speaking of which, it appears that a potential fourth entry in The Matrix franchise may be without its iconic Neo. As it turns out, the new poster boy for the film franchise could very well be Michael B. Jordan, with Reeves somehow omitted from this new film.


Geek Culture understands that word has gotten out that a new project under one The Matrix directors, Lana Wachowski, could supposedly feature the Black Panther and Creed star. The film, working title “Project Ice Cream”, is currently in development, written by X-Men and Avengers alum Zak Penn. However, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed nor denied this potential new The Matrix movie.

Lana Wachowski

Keanu Reeves, interestingly, wasn’t mentioned alongside Jordan amongst these rumours. The Cyberpunk 2077 , Toy Story 4 and John Wick star — an internet sensation these days — had expressed interest in making a new Matrix movie, but under the condition that the Wachowskis are making it.

Reeves and the Wachowski sisters had a good working relationship throughout the original Matrix trilogy, so it would be bizarre that he of all people would be snubbed for The Matrix 4. If Reeves doesn’t actually come on board for the new Matrix movie, he could then fully focus his energies on John Wick (assuming there’d be another since he’s more than keen to continue), more Cyberpunk 2077 post-launch content and a potential new relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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No offense to Michael B. Jordan, of course, as his recent works in Black Panther and Creed has seen his popularity swell in recent years.

Still, would you eat your hotdog without the hotdog itself? We sure as hell ain’t.

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