New Leak Suggests Black Widow’s Rachel Weisz Might Be Iron Maiden

The recent Super Bowl teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow certainly gave us all the, there’s plenty more reason to be as such. However, a recent leak regarding one of the main characters may get us even more revved up for the release more than we already are.

The leak takes us to (unsurprisingly) social media, where apparently Marvel Studios released a series of new Black Widow-themed emojis to promote the movie. Screen Rant first spotted this, where if you key in certain hashtags on Twitter, a specific emoji of the character will appear. Here they are on original designer Truck Torrence’s post:

Now, we already know who most of these characters are, with the exception of Melina Vostokoff, who is played by Rachel Weisz. Weisz’s character Melina was the least featured character in all of the trailers so far (arguably even less so than the movie’s main antagonist, Taskmaster). Furthermore, this is the first time the character’s surname was ever used for promotional purposes, which further adds to the intrigue surrounding her character.

If one were to do a little digging on who Melina Vostokoff is, it is revealed that the assassin’s alter ego in the comics is Iron Maiden, another villain in Black Widow’s Rogues’ Gallery.

Despite receiving the same training as Natasha Romanoff, Melina was subjected to perpetually be an understudy to Nat, which naturally caused her to bear some resentment toward the Avenger. As such, she later on defected and adopted the alias Iron Maiden, donning a metallic suit that resembles the namesake, vowing to end Nat’s life out of spite.

It remains to be seen whether Marvel Studios will be doing an exact adaptation of Melina Vostokoff from the comics or are putting an entirely different spin on it, so as of now, we’re still unsure whether Rachel Weisz’s character could be a villain or ally to Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. She could, after all, be the one behind the Taskmaster persona, but even that remains to be seen.

Also, here are the new character posters recently released by Marvel Studios:

Black Widow releases in theatres on 1 May 2020.