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Captain Marvel’s Cast Lands In Singapore For A Special Fan Event At Marina Bay Sands This February!

Bringing some star power to the ONLY Asian stop -- the little red dot!

Lady Sif May Star In Her Own Disney+ Series

Keep the television series coming, Disney.

The Punisher’s Season 2 Trailer Looks Bloody, Bloody, Good

To be Frank, it's really, really, bloody.

Stan Lee Immortalized In World Of Warcraft As An NPC

Now you can scream "Excelsior!" together with him in Azeroth.

Marvel’s Vision and Scarlet Witch TV Series Gets Captain Marvel’s Writer Jac Schaeffer

Marvel has revealed that they will be working on several TV shows for their upcoming streaming service Disney+,...

40 Geek-Worthy Movies To Look Forward To In 2019

Mark your calendars, here are 40 films to look forward to in 2019.

Ex-Hearthstone Designers Assemble To Make A Marvel Game!

In 2018, the former director of Hearthstone, Ben Brode, along with a couple of his team members, left Blizzard...

Marvel’s Beloved Supervillian Loki Gets Retconned

Turns out the God of Mischief isn't as villainous as we all thought after all.

Captain Marvel Writer Margaret Stohl On What Heroes Can Be

We're in dire need of heroes today.

Geek Review: Once Upon a Deadpool

Of all the double dipping that Hollywood does, this is one of the better ones.

Doctor Strange Sequel Brings Back Director Scott Derrickson

Out of the 14,000,605 visions that Doctor Strange saw, one probably hinted at a sequel development to his...