New Batman Arkham Game May Be Set In New DC Game Universe

The new installment in the Batman Arkham franchise may take some time to be released, but it looks like WB Montreal‘s upcoming sequel may be a cog in a much larger wheel.

Geeks WorldWide (via Games Radar) reports that the new Batman game is actually a “soft reboot” of Rocksteady Games’ Batman Arkham series, which capped off with Arkham Knight back in 2015.

The report also maintains that the new game featuring the Caped Crusader could also be part of a “new, somewhat cohesive DC Game Universe”, which could tie in with WB Montreal’s rumoured Superman game if that ever takes off.

How exactly that will manifest in the new Batman game remains to be seen, but Geeks WorldWide also adds that it will feature “a playable Bat-family” with a new co-op gameplay feature (with previous reports indicating that this could be Batman: Arkham Legacy).

WB Montreal and Rocksteady have so far remained very light-lipped on the new game, sans the recent series of teaser images they have released over the last few months. The latest among these is a larger version of the first two symbols, which depict what look like the League of Shadows and GCPD logos entwined in a larger symbol. Sources point to the allusion that this could very well be representative of the Court of Owls – an iconic villain in the modern Batman era.

In any case, it wouldn’t be wrong to anticipate more teasers and a potential announcement by WB Montreal and Rocksteady Games regarding the new Batman Arkham game to drop in the coming months.