Sushiro Celebrates The New Year With Its Second Outlet At Isetan Scotts

Fans of Japan’s biggest conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro first rejoiced in August 2019 when they finally opened their first Southeast Asian outlet here in Singapore. Now, almost half a year later, Sushiro is here once again with the opening of their second Singapore outlet at Isetan Scotts.

The new outlet can be found on the third level of Isetan Scotts, close to Shaw House Cineplex so moviegoers waiting for their movie to begin can hop on down to Sushiro for a quick and easy meal fix before watching their movie. 

At a glance, the restaurant looks like any other conveyor sushi belt restaurant but its simplistic design actually hides a 350-metre long conveyor belt on which its sushi travels on. According to Sushiro, once a sushi is done making its 350-metre long journey around the restaurant it is taken off the belt and is replaced with a new plate of sushi to ensure that customers only get the freshest sushi. 

And speaking of freshness, all the ingredients used in Sushiro’s sushi, from the fish to the rice grains, are procured and flown in regularly from Japan.

To celebrate the opening of their special outlet, Sushiro is offering a special Opening Special, a plate of specially curated Ootoro sushi which will only be available at Sushiro Isetan Scotts for S$2.20 a plate. This special will only be available for a limited period so if savouring on fatty tuna sushi is right up your alley then be sure not to miss this promotion. 

Ootoro sushi

Aside from their Opening Special, Sushiro also has Limited Time special sushi selections which will be available at both their Tiong Bahru outlet and their new Isetan Scotts outlet. These Limited Time specials are seasonal offerings and change every few weeks. 

This time, Sushiro is offering diners the option of the umami-filled Marinated Sesame Mackerel (S$2.20), refreshing Marinated Sesame Snapper (S$4.80), lightly charred Black Throat Seaperch (S$3.20), tangy Tuna and Pickled Radish Gunkan (S$2.20), and creamy Giant Scallop (S$4.80). 

Tuna and Pickled Radish Gunkan

Of course crowd favourites such as the Salmon with Basil Cheese sushi and Triple Salmon sushi as well as many others will also be available for S$2.20 – S$4.80 per plate, as well as dessert options such as their Matcha Pudding. 

Matcha Pudding

Those eager for more Sushiro outlets can also celebrate as they will be opening a third outlet at Causeway Point in March and a fourth outlet somewhere in the east of Singapore is in the works for the first half of 2020. 

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