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Doctor Strange Sequel Brings Back Director Scott Derrickson

Out of the 14,000,605 visions that Doctor Strange saw, one probably hinted at a sequel development to his...

Disney Recreates Star Wars Iconic Scenes In New Animated Series For Kids

Easier now to introduce your young padawans to the original Star Wars trilogy.

Geek Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

More heartbreaking than the first, Ralph Breaks The Internet is a movie about recognising your limitations, and how...

Stan Lee’s Latest Cameo is in a Disney, Not Marvel Comics Movie, and it’s Perfect

The king of cameos squeezes in yet one more appearance for fans.

Toy Story 4 Plays This Summer 2019 With New Toys!

Because animating a reaction trailer to your own trailer is a thing.

Pedro Pascal To Take On The Galaxy In The Mandalorian

We now have our Mandalorian.

Disney’s Streaming Service Name Unveiled Along With New Star Wars Prequel Series!

Streaming, prequels, and plenty of earnings!

Winter Soldier And Falcon Continues Bromance On The Small Screen

We won't be seeing the last of them in Avengers 4.