Netflix’s The Witcher Coming December 17? Streamer Says Leaked Date Inaccurate

It appears this Holiday season will get an R-rated dash of monster-slaying, silver-sword-swinging dark fantasy, as the potential release date for The Witcher TV series on Netflix has been leaked.

According to Redanian Intelligence, there was a post by Netflix Netherlands on Twitter (now deleted) that detailed the days counting down to the release dates of several high-profile Netflix Originals.


In the September 11 post, The Witcher was among them, and would’ve taken the better part of 97 days at the time of posting for it to be released, which would be on December 17.


Following the post’s removal, a representative from the digital streaming giant went on record with Video Games Chronicle to deny that alleged release date.

The launch date for The Witcher has not yet been confirmed. The post was made by Netflix accounts in the Netherlands in error, and not all of the information contained in it is accurate/final.

Netflix spokesperson on the leaked release date for The Witcher TV series.

Whether or not the December 17 release date is false, it wouldn’t be far off to assume that The Witcher will see a mid-to-late December release date. After all, an earlier leak by NSFW blog Recapped announced a potential December 20 release for the show.

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In any case, Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia will no doubt be an interesting prospect to watch, bathtub scene and all. And so is his trusty steed Roach.

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