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Netflix Courts Asian Audiences With A Whole Slate Of Productions In 2019

Because sharing stories is one of the best ways to build connections.

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Netflix announces five upcoming anime series in the works, including an anime adaptation of the Pacific Rim movies...

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Everyone has a little devil in them - Sabrina just happens to take on the devil with extreme...

Henry Cavill Debuts As Geralt The Witcher

There's something about that wig.

Netflix’s Castlevania Gets A Third Season!

Dracula and gang will rise again.

Orange Is The New Black No Longer

Season seven will be the last.

Ciri And Yennefer Cast For Netflix’s The Witcher!

The Witcher family gets bigger.

Azymondias Will Be Back As Netflix’s The Dragon Prince Gets A Season Two!

How much bigger will Zym have gotten in the next season?

Netflix Hands Viewers Control In Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Black Mirror Episode!

Soon we'll be controlling what happens in our TV shows.