Disgruntled Fans Start #BoycottSony Movement Over Spider-Man MCU Divorce, And It’s Ridiculous

It has been a long day for everyone’s favourite web-slinger, but the drama surrounding Spider-Man and his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has inevitably spilled over into ridiculous territory.

Disgruntled fans are apparently so angered by the breakdown in talks between Sony Pictures and Disney that a movement to boycott future Sony films and even the PlayStation 4 has begun. #BoycottSony is their way of voicing their objections to an MCU lacking Spider-Man.

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Let that sink in for a moment.

We are all for people having their opinions about stuff, that is how the world functions nowadays, but the hypocrisy is real here.

There are two giant corporations involved in a deal that involves vast sums of money, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Forget about the fans, entertaining the masses, and creativity, it is all down to the numbers. Yet, the ire seems squarely pointed at only Sony Pictures.

No doubt both Sony Pictures and Disney realise the draw of Spider-Man and what Tom Holland brings to the big screen, and the fact remains that Marvel long sold the movie rights of the webhead to Sony way back in the day.

Of course, their recent partnership gave us the wonders of Homecoming and Far From Home, and other countless amazing moments in the MCU. And Sony Pictures were contented to carry on, with discussions to involve other related properties in future MCU releases. However, please remember that the immensely more superior Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was all Sony’s doing.

Disgruntled Fans Start #BoycottSony Movement Over Spider-Man MCU Divorce, And It's Ridiculous

Is Disney entitled to more of the earnings, especially when they pushed Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the limelight? That makes sense. Is Sony Pictures right to protect their own interests in the face of a competitor and keep its advantage? Most definitely.

However, Disney certainly does not see it that way, and their demand for a reported 50/50 co-financing arrangement would never make sense to Sony, especially considering the disparity between the companies when it comes to properties.

Spider-Man remains Sony Picture’s top dog for films, while Disney is slowly monopolising the entertainment market as it gobbles up even more market share, especially with the recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

The ideal situation for everyone involved is a deal is struck where both corporations get a satisfactory share of the profits, and fans can continue to see the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man mix it up with the rest of Avengers.

However, that reality is far from certain, and even if it goes down that unfancied road, the blame should equally lie on both Disney and Sony Pictures, and not just one party.

The videogame front will not be affected, however, even if Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired Insomniac Studios, the developers behind the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and a sequel is largely expected.

It is easy to go after the smaller guy (or in this case, a smaller player in the industry), and conveniently ignore the overbearing weight being thrown around by a larger entity, but to act on it in such a blatant and frankly, tasteless manner is just what Spider-Man would not do.

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