‘Bluey’ Episode ‘The Sign’ Gains 10 Million Views Within A Week

Bluey, the adorable cartoon beloved by many, decided to indulge its young audience with season three episode The Sign, which dealt with Bluey’s family moving. Disney+ revealed that the episode broke records for the largest weekly premiere on Disney Junior, with a total of 10.4 million views globally.

That also puts Bluey in the top five most-viewed series on Disney+, in a rare move for the streamer to release viewership figures. Most thought that was it for Season Three, and the apparent finale aired on a heartwarming note, but that wasn’t all for young fans of the series.

An additional surprise episode, titled ‘Surprise’, was released as the true season finale, which had another timeskip into the future, but this time, hinting at a grown-up Bluey with a kid of her own. The episode ran for double the runtime of the usual Bluey episode, closing out the season with questions yet to be answered.

As the show’s audience grows up, so does its characters, opening up new story possibilities. It’s unlikely that the show is anywhere close to slowing down, despite no news on Season 4 yet.

Bluey is now streaming on Disney+.