YouTube Originals Will Be Made Free To Watch From September 24

Earlier this year, YouTube announced that it will be bringing updates to its paid premium version of YouTube, YouTube Premium. Not much else was heard of from YouTube since but now we finally have more details on what exactly will be happening on the video streaming platform. 

According to YouTube, once the new changes have rolled out, new YouTube Originals released after September 24 will be made available for none YouTube Premium subscribers to watch for free, with ads of course. 

Here is YouTube’s official statement:

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New YouTube Originals series, movies, and live events released after September 24, 2019 will be made available to non-members to watch for free, with ads. For series, members will get immediate access to every episode of a new season, while non-members will have to wait for each new episode to be released.

It seems that YouTube Originals released prior to September 24 will still remain exclusive to Premium subscribers but after that, every video is fair game. This means that YouTube will be making their original series such as Impulse, Mind Field, and Cobra Kai, free for fans to watch on their platform.

Of course, Premium subscribers will still have some perks over non-subscribers, as YouTube promises to release director’s cuts and bonus footages for YouTube Original movies and live events only to Premium subscribers. 

It goes without saying that YouTube Premium’s other features such as ad-free videos, offline playback, and access to YouTube Music Premium will all remain the same and will still cost US$11.99 a month.

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