Amazon’s ‘Fallout’ Series Set In Los Angeles, Coming 2024

As the gears are in motion for more video games to make their live-action debut on the small screen, information about Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout TV series has remained sparse. There’s now one more new tidbit to work off after months of radio silence, even if it admittedly doesn’t give any major answers, like a story plot or casting details.

But we’ll take what we can. The streamer took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to announce a 2024 release date for the upcoming show. According to the teaser image, it’ll feature the setting of Los Angeles, the city “where dreams come true”, as well as Vault 33, whatever that entails. It could be just a normal, fully-functional fallout shelter, or a space dedicated to human experiments — nobody knows.

The LA setting does bear some implications, however. While it’s the central location for most TV shows, the California state city is quite close to Las Vegas, where Fallout: New Vegas (aka the best Fallout game) is set in. It’s possible the game will get some kind of mention in Amazon’s live-action adaptation, along with the New California Republic, an in-game faction looking to restore the pre-war way of life.

All of that is just purely conjecture at this stage, but one thing’s for sure. The Fallout series will tell an original story set in the video game universe, so the above speculation isn’t too far of a stretch. Those who attended gamescom 2023 got a sneak peek of the show, and while Bethesda’s Todd Howard said the teaser wouldn’t be posted online, recordings of the presentation have made their way online, revealing some distinctive Fallout elements. Think a Vertibird, troopers in power armour, a Vault door opening, and of course, a nuclear blast.

Fallout, helmed by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, is coming to Prime Video in 2024.