‘Fallout 76’ Breaks Player Records Years After Release

Since Fallout’s debut on Amazon Prime Video, the franchise has seen a resurgence in player numbers across its games. For the first time since its release, Fallout 76 has seen player numbers on Steam climb above 40,000, breaking its all-time player record by more than double.

fallout 76

Tracking site SteamDB reported an all-time peak of 73, 369 concurrent players on Fallout 76, with Fallout: New Vegas trailing close behind on breaking its own record of 51, 038 players. Fallout 76 is currently free-to-play with an Amazon Prime subscription and on Xbox Game Pass, which contributed to the higher numbers. Prior to the show’s release, the game averaged closed to 10,000 concurrent players.

fallout 76

The post-apocalyptic open-world multiplayer game first released in 2018, and its expansion, Wastelanders, was received positively by players. If there’s any better time to return to the games, it’s now, with Fallout 4 receiving a next-gen update and in-game items inspired by the show available.

Fallout also has a second season in the works after its renewal at Amazon Prime Video, and in the meantime, why not play all the games to get the full experience?