Bite Into Onigiri Rice Balls Pressed With Sweat-Infused Armpits Of Pretty Girls

Onigiri, a classic snack made of rice shaped into a ball and seaweed wrapped around it, has a new secret ingredient that adds a salty twist. Shaping the balls are pretty girls who press the rice between their sweaty armpits, and attract long queues, as well as curious onlookers.

onigiri sweaty

And these sweat-infused rice balls do not come cheap. They’re considered a rare delicacy in Japan, and some stalls even allow customers to watch the odd onigiri-making process. Of course, the process is safe for consumption: all ingredients are properly handled, and apparently, it tastes no different.

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There’s even several published manga about such a concept, which has captivated eager fans of the genre, and artists who enjoy drawing it. Like it or hate it, you can’t deny the thought of someone attractive putting their sweat, but not tears, into your food is an intriguing one.

Would you dig into these sweat-infused but delicious onigiri balls? Why not take a trip to Japan to find out?