You Will Not Want To Miss Uniqlo Japan’s All-New One Piece UT Collection!

It seems like Uniqlo is on a roll, releasing UT collaborations for popular series such as Avengers, Street Fighters, and more recently Star Wars in celebration of May the 4th. This time Uniqlo Japan is back with a Uniqlo UT x One Piece collection.

Unlike the Shounen Jump collection which only saw a few pieces of One Piece t-shirts hitting the rack, Uniqlo’s latest collaboration will consist entirely of One Piece and will feature several motifs and fan favourite characters from the series. Such as a shirt with the scars found on Luffy’s chest, and another with Sanji saying a phrase which approximately translates to “What makes a person is his heart!”

Without further ado, here are the rest of the designs for the One Piece collection,

The Uniqlo UT x One Piece collection will go on sale from May 10, 2019, in Uniqlo stores around Japan. According to Uniqlo, the One Piece Original UT will arrive in Singapore in late June.

According to Fashion Press, Uniqlo will be releasing another One Piece collection based on the upcoming movie One Piece Stampede sometime in late July.

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