These Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Tees from Uniqlo Are A Must-Buy!

In collaboration with hugely popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, Uniqlo has released the designs for over 40 anime and manga-themed t-shirts! This partnership is in commemoration with the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. This Uniqlo range features designs from a massive library of comics such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and even older, more obscure manga such as Rokudenashi Blues and High School! Kimengumi.

The collection will be released progressively in Japan and Singapore from April 2018 onwards.

Check out these awesome t-shirts.

My Hero Academia (New release from 9 July onwards)

Ansatsu-Kyoshitsu (New release from 9 July onwards)


Captain Tsubasa


Dragon Ball

Fuma No Kojiro


Hell Teacher Nube

Hunter x Hunter

High School! Kimengumi




One Piece

Pyu To Fuku! Jaguar

Rokudenashi Blues

Saint Seiya

Sakigake Otokoju


Yu Yu Hakusho

How many series did you recognize? The full collection, with tees for adults and kids, can be viewed over on Uniqlo Japan’s site (link is in Japanese).