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Japanese Sherlock Holmes Reboot Casts Women As Leads

The iconic sleuthing pair of 221B Baker Street returns (again) – in a female body.

Nintendo Releases Beautiful Phone Cases For April 2018

Fans of Zelda, Splatoon, and Animal Crossing – get your wallets on standby.

Time Travel Gives Us Batman Ninja!

And it's real slick.

My Hero Academia Lands on PS4 and Switch in 2018!

Time to put your fighting chops to the test.

Go Bananas Over The New Minions Cafe In Singapore

The Minions strike back.

Of Yoko Taro, Adult Videos, and NieR: Automata

Famed game director Yoko Taro (he with the mask) of NieR: Automata was in town last week for GameStart...

Feel like a Videogame Hero and Impress Your Date at the Hirakata Park in Osaka

Live out your dreams and take on the bad guys at this unique park in Japan!

Anime’s Humble Beginnings – 100 Years of Japanese Animation

Learn more about the history of Japanese animation, way before your favourite anime!

Geek Review: MariCar – The Mario Kart Experience in Japan

You can now dress up as Super Mario characters (and more), and drive around Tokyo in a go-kart.

The S$663,000 Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 is a Ride we all need in Life

Fancy driving the the royal car of Lucis? Better get your chequebook ready!