The Official Transformers X Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Images Got Us And Our Wallets All Ready To Believe

The weeks leading up to San Diego Comic Con 2019 in July are all abuzz with the craziest and most awesome-looking exclusive toys ready to be snapped up by eager fans. Perhaps the crown jewel of them is the amazing Transformers X Ghostbusters collaboration that produced one mother of a lovechild that got our inner ’80s kids squealing in geeky glee.

So far we’ve gotten a taste in the form of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 6-inch figure, and an IDW comic of the collaboration. The cherry on the icing will be the Transformers X Ghostbusters Mash-Up MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition.


First leaked in China months ago, the first sightings of the Transformers X Ghostbusters Mash-Up MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition got fans of both IPs all hot and bothered in anticipation of SDCC 2019. Recently, Hasbro released the official press release and images to give us a better look at the fine, fine robot in disguise.

This version of Optimus Prime sports the classic red-and-white hues of the Ghostbusters logo. Instead of the Ecto-1, however, we’re using Optimus’ trailer truck alternate form, the design of which echoes the Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Movie version that released earlier this year.


Of course, while that version only had the front of the trailer truck, the Ecto-35 comes with the whole trailer to boot. According to the press release, the MP-10G Optimus Prime can convert from robot mode to truck mode “in 26 steps”, which is actually not a lot considering how this thing stands at an easy 9.5 inches tall.


Opening up the trailer reveals a docking platform/maintenance deck where Optimus Prime can be mounted onto, complete with a small roller vehicle, upon which the iconic Slimer can be mounted. There’s also a ghost trap accessory (because it wouldn’t be Ghostbusters if there wasn’t), as well as a Proton Cannon built specifically for Optimus. Nifty.


Oh, and did we mention that the packaging takes the form of a Proton-Pack, complete with straps for you to wear on your back?


The Transformers X Ghostbusters Mash-Up MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition will be available for sale at SDCC 2019 at the retail price of a whopping US$149.99. Despite the mammoth pricing, we feel that this is a must-buy for many diehard Transformers and/or Ghostbusters fans. However, this won’t be the only place you can get it — it will also be available at the EB Games booth at Fan Expo Canada from August 22 – 25.

Also in tandem with the collab, there will be a grey crew-neck long sleeve tee by NTWRK featuring the MP-10G Optimus Prime in robot form for sale at SDCC 2019 at US$40.


So if you’re heading to San Diego Comic Con 2019, do yourself a favour and be ready to believe that this collab will knock your socks off.

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