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Casio G-Shock x Transformers Optimus Prime Watch Rolls Out In Singapore Online Raffle

You're going to need a bit of RNG luck to get him.

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Autobots, transform and roll out! In G1 style!

The Transformers Optimus Prime Power Bank Every Geek Needs

Packing in at 6,500 mAh of battery, for a handy robot in disguise. WANT!

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Bay repeats himself with the city battles and the story does not even begin to make sense. But...

Transform, and Roll Out, LEGO style!

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Chris McVeigh’s Geeky “Brick Sketches”

Author, illustrator and photographer Chris McVeigh's latest Lego creation is quite something.

Optimus Prime Papercraft Awesomeness

I have always been amazed at the intricate detail that goes into PaperCraft modelers' works, and this was...