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Geek Giveaway – Transformers: The Last Knight – Fan Exclusive IMAX Screening

Be the first to catch exclusive footage of Transformers: The Last Knight in IMAX this April!

Transformers: The Last Knight rolls out on June 22, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight brings us more gigantic robot fights and more Dinobots on June 22, 2017.

Xiaomi Soundwave – More Than Mi’s The Eye

Xiaomi has created their own version of Soundwave, who transforms into the Mi Pad 2 tablet.

Our Top Picks for SDCC 2016 Exclusives

Wondering what exclusives will be available at the show this year? We've gone out and dug up a...

Epic Papercraft of your favourite Geek Characters!

Time to make an entire army of your favourite geek characters out of papercraft!

More Than Mi the Eye: Xiaomi Teams-Up with The Transformers

Meet the new Soundwave. And he’s Made in China.

Brand new images of Takara’s Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus

Takara's Bruticus shows why the Decepticons gestalts are way superior.

Combine Superion and win awesome prizes!

Hasbro Singapore is challenging Transformers enthusiasts both young and old to convert two Aerialbots into the arms of...

Awesome Fan Made Live Action Transformers Trailer!

This real life Transformers movie is the one we have been waiting for.

Famous Cars as Transformers

Pop culture cars as Transformers? Perfect.

Every geek kid needs this transforming Optimus Prime cake

A geek dad takes the cake by making an Optimus Prime cake for his son's 6th birthday, that...