Taika Waititi Set To Take On Flash Gordon Animated Movie

Just when the God of Thunder and bringing Neo-Tokyo to life wasn’t enough. Director Taika Waititi has struck yet again with another venture into the weird and wonderful, this time with another iconic franchise in the form of Flash Gordon.

As it appears, Disney/Fox are planning to do a remake of Flash Gordon into an animated feature film, with the eccentric filmmaker reportedly set to spearhead the project. Aiding Waititi apparently is John Davis of Predator and I, Robot fame.

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Taika Waititi at it again with Flash Gordon.

Despite Flash Gordon being synonymous with the iconic 1980s live-action film featuring the legendary soundtrack starring Queen, the animated film is set to take cues from the original 1934 comic strip instead. In a way, this will be a return to basics for the franchise.


However, who is to say one can’t hope for the Queen-led soundtrack to make a reprisal in the upcoming animated remake? If anything, Taika Waititi is the best man for performing such a feat, considering his stellar work in Thor: Ragnarok.


Flash Gordon would then add on to a growing number of high-profile science fiction projects under Waititi’s belt, including the 2021 Akira live-action feature adaptation, the upcoming Mandalorian TV series on Disney+, as well as a potential fourth Thor movie.

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