Square Enix Is Opening Its First Large-Scale Theme Park In 2020

Much like how Nintendo is slowly building its very own Nintendo theme park with Nintendo Super World in Universal Studios Japan, Square Enix is also hard at work developing its own large-scale theme park. Though it will have nothing to do with Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts.

The park will be called “Ninja Tower Tokyo” and will, not surprisingly, be themed around the concept of ninjas. According to Attractions Magazine, Square Enix’s Ninja Tower Tokyo will be built in the iconic Tokyo Tower and will offer “state-of-the-art Ninja attractions”.

Square Enix will be developing the theme park through its Live Interactive Works subdivision, who cites Tokyo’s rich history with ninjas as the reason they chose the theme. As Tokyo was once a special village filled with ninjas who protected a mausoleum filled with the shogun’s personal guards, back when Tokyo was still known as Edo.

Unfortunately not much else is known about the Ninja Tokyo Tower right now. Hopefully, more details will be revealed soon and if this theme park does well, Square Enix might consider building a bigger theme park for some of the biggest games under their name.