‘FFVII Remake’ Part 3 Eyes 2027 Release, Could Include Elements Not In Original Game

Things are already in motion for the final leg of Cloud’s journey. Following the highly-anticipated release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, new information about the next part of the FFVII Remake trilogy has surfaced, including a targeted 2027 release.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania, the official strategy and lore guide released for the game, creative director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the main story for Part 3 is completed, with voice recording expected to commence “in the near future”. There are also plans to include “something very important” that wasn’t in the original title.

FF7 Remake Part 3 main story has already been completed, and Nomura thinks they will perhaps start voice recording in the near future,” reads a post translated by series fan Audrey (@aitaikimochi on X/Twitter).

“He remarks that Kitase proposed an idea to him about ‘something’ very important to include, even though it wasn’t in the original game, and Nomura is pondering how to deliver. He thinks it will surely make people happy if they can do it well.”

More notably, FFVII Rebirth producer and series veteran Yoshinori Kitase is gunning for a 2027 release, which would mark 30 years since the debut of the 1997 classic. “Kitase mentions FF7 Rebirth was done within three years since about one year was developing the DLC,” Audrey added. “[A]nd he hopes to be able to stick with that schedule for Part 3 too.”

The official title for FFVII Remake Part 3 has yet to be finalised, but what’s certain is that the same team will be working on the project.

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“Kitase hopes to deliver an amazing product for Part 3 without having to sacrifice quality over time. He says the reason why FF7 Rebirth was such an efficient development period was because they retained the same staff as the previous installment, and Part 3 will also have the same team,” confirmed the post.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was released on 29 February to critical acclaim, with a post-launch patch rolled out to improve performance mode graphics. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the RPG has reportedly sold “about half” the sales of its predecessor in the timeframe, and is “underperforming sales-wise”.