Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Leak Reveals Spoilers For Future Episodes


When a fanbase is crazy enough about an IP, the hunger to know all about it even before it gets released is palpable. This is especially so with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has already been leaked thanks to some very smart and enterprising souls on the Internet.


A recent leak of the upcoming demo version of Final Fantasy VII Remake was discovered. That leaked demo was then datamined thanks to some hacked PS4 consoles, and then served up on a silver platter on the forums of ResetEra (MAJOR SPOILERS HERE, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK).

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If you didn’t click on the link, what was revealed in the link above was basically a series of images that have been extracted from the code of the demo version itself that depict what looks like the end scenes of Episode 1. These include certain characters and locations that we shall not mention, and possibly some images of what could happen in the in-development Episode 2 and beyond.

Sounds like a mess made on Square Enix’s dev team, huh? Oh well, our gain.


Of course, the latter may seem a little far-fetched since it is a demo, and may well just include content that is only available in Episode 1. This then raises the question of just how much content is available in the first episode of FFVII Remake, since we already know that we’re only going to be getting the entire game in chunks.

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With no more than 9 weeks away from release, many will be even more eager to play FFVII Remake, though those who wish not to be spoiled – new and returning fans alike – may want to tread lightly when traversing the Net in the coming weeks.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake releases March 3, 2020 for PS4, and will be a timed exclusive possibly until 2021.

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