Two Weeks’ Of Modes & Challenges Await In The Apex Legends Grand Soirée

There seems to be no stopping Respawn Entertainment and their battle royale, Apex Legends. Following the end of their Winter Event, players can prepare for two weeks of even more content as the new Grand Soirée event begins this January 14.

Over the course of the event, players will get a new mode to experience every two days, with familiar modes returning and new ones added into the mix. There will be a grand total of seven modes for the Grand Soirée.

All the progress made during the event will see points being earned for the new Event Prize Track, simply complete each mode’s three challenges and you could be looking at some awesome awards.

The Grand Soirée is also draped in its own unique art style, delivering some of the best skins for Apex Legends. If you find yourself unable to spend the time working towards the skin, just a keep an eye on the Event Shop, where the skins will be on sale on rotation.