Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World Is Slowly, But Surely Taking Shape

It has been months since we last heard about Universal Studios Japan’s upcoming Super Nintendo World but according to photos by Twitter user @LCASTUDIOS_USJ, it seems that theme park is making smooth progress, with their latest post on November 5 giving us a clear look at the project’s current progress. 

The towering Super Mario World hill is recognisable at a glance and looms over the rest of the theme park. According to reports, this hill will likely house a portion of Yoshi’s Adventure ride which is said to consist of both indoor and outdoor scenes. The ride will also use over 40 animatronics. 

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Yoshi’s Adventure will be one of two rides that will be available on opening day, with the other ride being a Mario Kart ride that is built within another building designed off Bowser’s castle. 

Aside from the two rides, Super Nintendo World is set to open in spring 2020 in Osaka’s  Universal Studios Japan and will come with various shops and restaurants as well, as any good theme park will. 

After it’s 2020 debut, the park will be opening in Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore as well, though dates for these projects have yet to be revealed. 

Some concept art for the Super Nintendo World in Epic Universe in Florida have emerged online, with the images seeming to suggest that fans can look forward to a Donkey Kong Country area in the theme park. The images were uploaded by Orlando Parkshop’s Alicia Stella who claimed to have discovered an artist’s rendering of the theme park.

“Concept art for Donkey Kong at Super Nintendo World has been shared on the artist’s portfolio site,” Stella wrote on Twitter.

That aside, we are excited to see more photos of Universal Studios Japan’s up-and-coming Super Nintendo World as it slowly makes its way to the finish line.

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