Secretlab Teases New ‘Magnus’ Metal Desk With RGB LEDs

Singapore’s Secretlab, which popularised comfortable gaming chairs for everyday use, is branching out with Magnus, a sleek metal desk that comes with RGB LEDs.

Having made its name as one of the best gaming chair brands in the market since 2014, it comes as no surprise that they’ll eventually diversify into tables to complement their chairs. The Magnus teaser complements their chairs, especially the TITAN Softweave 2020, which is one of our favourites.

The upcoming table should make for a natural extension of the Temasek-funded homegrown brand that has won global fans with its licensed chairs including AAPE, DC Comics, Mortal Kombat and Game of Thrones.

Prior to this, Omnidesk has been the go-to brand that has been dominating the market with its height-adjustable tables such as the Omnidesk Pro 2020 and even the Minidesk for kids, but now, it looks like a new player has entered the game – nothing like some competition to keep innovation in condition.