Secretlab Aims For The Throne With New Game of Thrones Gaming Chairs

When one of the biggest names in gaming meets one of the biggest names in fantasy, you know something good will come up. Singapore’s very own gaming chair brand Secretlab has teamed up with Game of Thrones to bring to you the finest gaming chairs the land has ever seen.

The Secretlab Game of Thrones Collection comes in three main designs, all of which have been inspired by the three most popular Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms.

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The first is the Secretlab Stark Edition chair, which sports a wintery-white colour scheme complete with the signature dire wolf insignia in crow black accents.

Next up is the Secretlab Lannister Edition chair, bearing the regal gold Lannister lion and embroidery on that resplendent deep crimson backdrop.

Finally, we have the Secretlab Targaryen Edition chair, which bears the familiar three-headed dragon insignia, accompanied by really badass-looking dragonscale accents on the side.

No actual dragons were harmed in the making of this chair.

“On top of having an epic storyline, Game of Thrones‘ aesthetics and art direction are both unprecedented and phenomenal,” said Ian Alexander Ang, CEO and co-founder of Secretlab. “Our designers, being huge fans of its aesthetics, came up with a few GoT concepts that looked so amazing that we had to reach out for a collaboration involving our award-winning chairs. GoT fans can now watch the much-awaited Season 8, repping their favourite houses, while reclined on our ultra-comfortable chairs.”

The three Secretlab Game of Thrones chairs come in the flagship OMEGA (US$389 each) and TITAN (US$429 each) variants.

The chairs will be available, in limited quantities in select regions, on the Secretlab online store.

Secretlab’s other recent endeavours include their partnership with League of Legends for competition-specific chairs, Batman, as well as celebrities such as football sensation Dele Alli and deadmau5.

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