Secretlab Delivers A Flawless Victory With Their New Mortal Kombat Edition Gaming Chair

In collaboration with Warner Bros., Secretlab serves up a FATALITY in the most comfortable form, with the new Mortal Kombat Edition Gaming Chair.

Perfectly timed in conjunction with the new movie, the new Secretlab Mortal Kombat Gaming Chair is perfect for the ultimate fan to test their might (or wallet). With this chair in your korner corner, there’s a good chance you’d be selected for the next tournament. Ideally for Mortal Kombat 11 (the video game) as opposed to the physical tournament.

secretlab mortal kombat

Paying homage to the classic fighting game, Secretlab’s new red-and-black chair features stylized skull motifs on the side wings and embroidery of the iconic Mortal Kombat symbol plus font on both the front and rear of the backrest. The chair is also fully upholstered in their signature PRIME 2.0 PU leather.

The gaming chair will launch in limited quantities so fans of Mortal Kombat will want to take this rare opportunity to upgrade their gaming set-up before it’s all gone. So channel your inner Scorpion and be the one screaming “Get over here!” while emptying your wallet.

The Mortal Kombat movie is out now in Southeast Asia and premiere 23 April in the US.

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