Secretlab Pays Homage To The Joker In New 80th Anniversary Gaming Chair

If Batman received his very own Secretlab gaming chair for his 80th birthday last year, it only makes sense for his smiling archenemy The Joker to get one too, for his own 80th anniversary. After all, his own girlfriend Harley Quinn received hers earlier this year to promote the Margot Robbie-led film.

In tandem with the DC FanDome digital event, the Singapore-based company has announced the Secretlab ‘The Joker’ Edition gaming chair to launch sometime later this year.

Where the Secretlab Batman chair sported a stealthy, understated design to match the Dark Knight’s preference to slink in the shadows, The Joker chair adopts a more loud and proud purple/green/black colour scheme to reflect the iconic rivalry between the two characters.

Both the front and back of the chair bear the logo of The Joker, while the sides and seat base are lined with a not-so-subtle embroidery that depicts his laughter (we’re imagining Mark Hamill’s iconic voice, but make of it what you will). Etched onto the purple sections of the wings are the jester hats that you’d see on his iconic calling card in the comics and movies.

Pre-orders of the Secretlab “The Joker” Edition available now on the Secretlab website. The design will be featured on both the Omega and the larger Titan models of the gaming chair.