Sasha Calle Has Spoken With Peter Safran About Supergirl’s Future In DCU

Sasha Calle, who recently appeared in The Flash, has engaged in discussions with DC Studio’s co-CEO Peter Safran regarding her potential future as Supergirl in the DC Universe (DCU). In an interview with USA Today, Calle expressed her enthusiasm for reprising the iconic role, although no official agreement has been reached thus far.

The Flash follows the story of Barry Allen (portrayed by Ezra Miller) as he travels back in time to prevent his mother’s tragic demise. However, meddling with the fabric of time proves perilous, thrusting Barry into an alternate Earth devoid of the Justice League’s metahumans. In this reality, Barry finds allies in Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, forming a formidable trio.

With the DCU paving the way for new narrative arcs developed by Safran and James Gunn, it presents opportunities for Safran and Gunn to reintroduce select cast members and characters to the fresh DCU landscape.

Calle, who has recently met with Safran to discuss the future of the DCU, expressed her deep connection to Supergirl and her desire to continue portraying the character. Although no formal agreement has been established, Calle’s dedication to the role remains strong.

The production of The Flash faced numerous obstacles and last-minute alterations before finally securing a theatrical release. Warner Bros. Discovery subsequently entrusted Gunn and Safran with the task of resetting DC’s cinematic universe under the banner of DC Studios. As a result, The Flash‘s initial ending, which set the stage for future projects and welcomed Calle into the main DC Extended Universe (DCEU) timeline, was scrapped in favour of a more self-contained resolution to make way for the DCU.

On the DCU calendar, a Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie is scheduled, set to adapt the acclaimed storyline crafted by Tom King. The casting process has yet to commence for this project. However, given Calle’s commendable portrayal of the heroine, despite any shortcomings in The Flash‘s script, she stands as a strong contender to don the red-and-blue uniform once more in the DCU. Alternatively, with multiversal shenanigans at play, we’d also welcome Calle’s return in the form of Power Girl — a version of Supergirl from the alternate universe, Earth-Two.

While discussions between Sasha Calle and Peter Safran continue, fans eagerly await further updates on Supergirl’s future within the expanding DC Universe. As the trajectory of the DCU takes shape, it is hoped that Calle’s talent and passion for the character will secure her a place among the exciting adventures that lie ahead.