Michael Keaton Set To Return As Batman In The Flash

Confirming prior speculation, Michael Keaton is now set to reprise his role as Batman after 21 years.

According to reports, Michael Keaton’s talent agency, ICM Partner, has officially confirmed the actor’s return as The Caped Crusader in the upcoming movie The Flash. Keaton played The Cape Crusade back in 1989’s Batman and its sequel Batman Returns but quit the role for the third film.

the flash

The Flash will see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen exploration of the multiverse and struggle to fix the reality he broke, eventually meeting both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman.

This follows news that Warner is looking to build an interconnected DC Universe once again. by introducing the multiverse. It’s something not foreign to comic book fans and it’s an approach which Marvel is taking on as well with Dr. Strange / Spider-Man.

The Flash is currently under filming and is slated for release November 2022.