Mysterious Star Wars Game “Project Maverick” Leaked On PSN

A new Star Wars game might have just been leaked on the PlayStation Network.

PSN Releases, a Twitter bot that provides followers with updates on PlayStation 4 releases, has just posted a photo of what looks to be a curious new game simply titled Project Maverick.

The image depicts a number of tiny X-Wing fighters heading towards an Imperial Star Destroyer with the background seemingly composed of two images superimposed onto one another. One image features tall, imposing-looking monoliths while the other shows an asteroid field in space. 

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Bots like PSN Releases are able to discover games listed on the PSN’s backend, even if these games aren’t officially on the public store yet. The Resident Evil 3 remake and Final Fantasy 7 remake demo were also similarly outed before by bots like PSN Releases, ahead of their official announcements. 

Though as for what exactly is Project Maverick, your guess is as good as ours right now since we only have the leaked artwork to base our guesses off on. Interestingly, the presence of an Imperial Star Destroyer and X-Wings indicate that the game might take place after Order 66 was executed. Could it be the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, or something related to Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia initiative?

Regardless, at least we know know that we’ll be getting a new Star Wars game soon.

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