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E3 2018 Press Conference Guide: Singapore Edition

Another year, another round of E3 press conferences.

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A true co-op experience, A Way Out went big on crafting a shared experienced and walks away being...

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Who Should Disney Consider For Future Star Wars Games?

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Star Wars Battlefront II’s Latest Patch Brings Jetpacks, Arcade Maps, and Hero Appearances

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Geek Review: Fe (PS4)

Fe is a fun and interesting platformer, but runs a tad short for its price tag.

Anthem is Officially a 2019 Game

Masterpieces can't be rushed.

Geek Review: UFC 3

An equally encouraging and frustrating affair.

Epic Pink Vader Breaks Canon in Star Wars Battlefront II

Darth Vader just got more fabulous.

Why The Fuss Over Loot Boxes?

Money talks.