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Geek Exclusive: The New Lost In Space From Netflix

A few weeks back, it was announced that sci-fi cult classic Lost in Space is getting a Netflix reboot on April 13, 2018. As the date of renaissance draws near, another new trailer has been unveiled, this time with more juicy bits of references that old-time fans may recognise.

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Right off the bat, there’s a foreboding sense of danger. The metallic tones of “Brace for impact” echoes through the spaceship, then silence washes over; lights out. In the next frame, the barren expanse of a snow-covered land stretches for miles, and the main cast of characters ends up on foreign soil. So yes, it’s off to a tense start.

A couple of scenery reels, and then excitement sets in – the beloved Robot finally makes an appearance, albeit in a more…organic form, for better or worse. It’s a reminder of how far visual technology has come, especially when compared to earlier editions of Lost in Space.

The Robot in the 1965 edition of Lost in Space (left) compared to the 1998 movie (right).

And after its absence in the previous cryptic teaser, the Robot is indeed a much-welcomed sight.

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The remaining parts are split between suspense, despair, action, and mystery, the perfect cocktail for a modern-day sci-fi adaption that’s meant to take on a darker, more sombre tone. The emotional side of things isn’t left out as well, with family love leading the charge in this department.

Oh, and that last scene? Well, let’s just say it would bring a very strong sense of deja vu for buffs who have seen the 1998 movie.

Lost in Space will be available on Netflix on April 13, 2018, where an intergalactic adventure awaits!

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