We Want This God of War PS4 Pro Console Bundle Inspired By Kratos’ Axe

PlayStation has done it again!

After the PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter Rathalos Bundle release in 2017, the design benchmark for future game tie-ups has been set, and let’s just say, it isn’t an easy target to surpass.

But along comes the Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro bundle a few months down the road, and once again, excitement – and amazement – are thick in the air. If you thought the Monster Hunter edition was sleek and cool, then you’re definitely in a treat for PlayStation’s latest baby.

Inspired by Kratos’ Axe and the design brainchild of Santa Monica Studio, the bundle will consist of a Levithan Gray DualShock 4 wireless controller with insignia, a physical copy of God of War, digital content, and a voucher code for digital content as well.

It’s double goodness for fans of the highly-anticipated game. Not only would God of War be released ahead of expectations on April 20, 2018, this limited edition will also be launched within the same month, with a price tag of S$669 to boot.

Don’t let the hefty cost stop you, however! The highly-anticipated title may play out in a dynamic 4K resolution on PS4 Pro with a 4K TV, but take it offline, and the gorgeous visuals disappear. What won’t disappear, though, would be the beautiful design of your Limited Edition God of War PS4 Pro Bundle, displayed proudly for all to see.