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Spend Your Nintendo Gold Points For Digital Game Purchases Now!

Nintendo Switch users, here’s a heads-up: you may now use My Nintendo Gold Points when purchasing digital games on the Switch!

This comes after a recent announcement by Nintendo, who brought up the possibility to use the virtual currency as a means of payment for eShop-specific titles. The new feature has now been confirmed by the big N, and will come into effect from March 6, 2018 (GMT+8) onwards. 

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With the update, Switch owners are entitled to a 5% return on digital purchases and 1% back on physical games, with Gold Points being applicable to purchases during checkout on the eShop, or on the official Nintendo website. As one Gold Point will amount to one cent, a US$59.99 game, for instance, would farm a total 300 Gold Points, which translates to US$3.00 towards the next purchase.

If the math is confusing, Nintendo has put together an excellent graphic summarises the mechanics in a concise and clear manner:

To further facilitate users, the Switch eShop has also been updated to reflect the number of Gold Points earned behind a single digital purchase – a handy user-oriented feature that’s bound to be appreciated by the community.

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