Captain America: Winter Soldier + Marvel vs. Capcom = Fun Times

Captain Steve Rogers is no stranger to the fighting game universe. If you haven’t caught the Stars and Stripes in action, check out Capcom’s Marvel Superheroes and the Marvel vs. Capcom game series, to see him pull off shield-based moves, charges, and combos in red, white, and blue.

But wouldn’t it be cool if he did Charging Stars and Final Justices in the highly-acclaimed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, starring Chris Evans?

Well we can always dream, with the magic of YouTube enhancing the best scenes of Captain America: Winter Soldier, with a bit of “Mahvel”, right?

To celebrate the release of the third Captain America movie (which is awesome), here’s a video spliced up by us that brings the best of both the Captain America cinematic franchise and the Marvel vs. Capcom game series. Think the high-octane action from the second movie’s best scenes, with nonsensical-yet-strangely-appropriate sound editing.