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TGS 2017: Monster Hunter World Hands-On, Release Date & Liolæus Edition

Given the prowess of the PS4, it is not surprising that this is the best looking Monster Hunter...

E3 2017 Booth Tour: Capcom

Our guest host Zhieeep does a walkthrough of the Capcom booth at the E3 showfloor.

Learn to HADOUKEN with the Nintendo Switch

Finally, you can do the Hadouken and fight the goons of Shadaloo!

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the horror game you have been waiting for.

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Frank West is back in Willamette, but in some very big ways, this isn't the Dead Rising you...

TGS 2016: PS VR Resident Evil 7 is the ONLY Way to Play the Game!

Before coming to TGS, I had my doubts about VR. Now, thanks to Resident Evil 7, I take...

Wolverine + Marvel Vs. Capcom: The Finest Cuts

A montage of Wolverine's best bits, now spiced up with appropriate sound effects from a particular crossover game...

Captain America: Winter Soldier + Marvel vs. Capcom = Fun Times

Here's a video spliced up by us that brings the best of both the Captain America cinematic franchise...

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Here are our top picks for Street Fighter V videos you need to watch to step your game...

V Impressions About Street Fighter V

As a lapsed SF player returning to the fold, here are the five things I noticed about SFV...

Claws, Giant Hands, And Shoes: Interview with Street Fighter V’s Tomoaki Ayano

Singapore Pro Player Xian had a hand in developing a key feature in SFV.