Lunar New Year Red Packets

Geeky Red Packets To Usher In The Lunar New Year 2022

The Lunar New Year is coming, so it is time to prepare for the festivities. It also means that red packets abound! Every year, we see companies get creative and come up with geeky red packets that can be collectibles in their own right.

Here are the red packets for the geeks for Lunar New Year 2022!

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Bearbrick Red Packets

Bearbrick features the silhouette of its iconic collectible figures front and centre. The swirly stripes are a nice bit of flair that makes these tastefully minimalist red packets stand out from the more colourful and maximalist ones.


Hasbro Red Packets

Hasbro’s red packets take some design cues from the more traditional designs, but adorned with familiar and iconic characters under Hasbro’s brand. There is, of course, Mr Monopoly holding a gold ingot, and a sentient Play-Doh container on the front. On the back, there is Optimus Prime and Sunny Starscout from Transformers and My Little Pony respectively.

There is also a horizontal version of the red packet, which feels more like an envelope, and has the featured characters shuffled around compared to the vertical version.


Razer Red Packet

Razer‘s red packet is really stylish. At first glance, it seems like just the Razer logo in the middle of a mandala. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that the gaming products Razer is known for are worked into the design. Mouse, keyboard, laptop, and more are placed around the circle. The Chinese name of the company stamped in the bottom right corner is a nice touch too.

Razer Red Packet Lunar New Year

For gamers by gamers indeed.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Red Packet Lunar New Year

Rockstar Games brings minimalism to its natural limit with their red packet design. Just their logo on the front, and their name on the back. Simple, understated, confident. Red is a colour that symbolises prosperity in the culture, so what could be more prosperous than a red packet that’s as red as possible?


Skechers Red Packets

Skechers releases shoes that are fun, vibrant, and colourful. Thus, it’s only logical that their red packets are similar. The red packet features a tiger ushering in the new year when opened, and when closed, the tiger will be donning a traditional lion dance costume. This is a playful design in line with the company’s shoes and clothes, and it puts smiles on people’s faces.


Ubisoft Red Packets Lunar New Year

Ubisoft‘s red packet features Raving Rabbids, and a mandala that wraps around from front to back. This means when you place two red packets together in just the right way, you complete the mandala!

Rainbow Six Extraction is written repeatedly around the circumference of the circle, with blessings for gamers written in Chinese in the inner circle. Parts of the blessings roughly translate to “good luck in games” and “show off your skills”. Looks like this is one red packet that can be used as a lucky charm for the competitive gamer.


Disney Lunar New Year Red Packets 2022

Disney’s red packets manage to integrate their iconic characters and the traditional designs of red packets. There are Buzz Lightyear, Boba Fett, and Raya with the last dragon. Each red packet also has a four-word blessing on the top left corner, each corresponding to the respective character’s traits. For instance, the words on the Buzz Lightyear red packet translates roughly to “reaching the skies with the strength of a tiger”.

There are also more traditional red packets that don’t have an explicit link to the beloved characters, and it makes for quite the balanced, well-thought-out collection.


McDonald's Red Packets 2022

McDonald’s red packets feature familiar items from their menu in a colourful vector artstyle. The Happy Meal box, McCrispy, vanilla cone, Big Mac, french fries, and coffee sure make one drool! This is definitely a collection of red packets that will whet one’s appetite for more food.

United International Pictures

Lunar New Year 2022 Red Packets

The United International Pictures’ red packets feature The Bad Guys, and, of course, Minions! These are definitely the red packets that children will love. There is no doubt that these are for fans of these animated movies.


Following their official launch in the region, Nintendo is showing no signs of letting up! And this is by far one of our favourites! As far as licensed red packets go, this is certainly well thought out. On closer inspection, we see that Mario’s background is filled with plenty of motifs from the game. We wonder if there might ever be a chance to see a Pokémon attempt next year.


One of the more irritating kinds of questions to be asked for any Lunar New Year gathering would be “why don’t you have a girlfriend yet?”. Well, if Tinder had their way, they would be pairing up everyone around the world.

By far, this is one of the more interesting red packets we’re received with the original sleeve this year. Branded Tinder on the outside it then slides out to reveal “tiger” which makes the red packet giftable.


From chairs, to tables, and now red packets, is there anything Secretlab can’t do?

Opting to put their chairs front and center, it’s hard to ignore one of the most pivotal items required for the modern day work-from-home set up. Perhaps time to put that precious ang bao money into a much-needed upgrade.

Google Pay

Huat pal are back once again and while it’s mostly an online affair, you can’t get away with cold hard cash. And it seems that Google knows of its appeal, so why not produce something that transcends from the online to the offline.

Does it help you find the elusive BB Loh, maybe not, but do check out our rundown on how you can find the rest of the crew.


We usually look forward to LEGO’s red packet because they tend to apply themsevles really well creatively. The overall design is great but the massive headline kills the vibe quite a bit.

Red, classy, and great design. The campaign slogan is not an ideal touch because the LEGO Tiger itself is super cute!


Themed to #SpringIntoFearless for the year of the Tiger, the artwork in this year’s Adobe red packets represent a courageous and bold beginning in 2022. Specially designed by Sam Lo using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.


Peppered with plenty of easter eggs, Netflix’s red packets are definitely one we’ve come to expect from them. But is it their best? Hardly.

It does feel like they ran out of time and stuffed all their designs into one place. It would have worked nicely has a sticker set or pins, but it doesn’t quite hit it off as a red packet.

That said, we’re still looking forward to see what they can whip up next year!


Ah TikTok, the red packets come in two colours, in theme with its corporate colours. Be sure to follow us on TikTok if you haven’t done so. We have plenty of geeky content to keep you entertained on a daily basis.

May these geeky red packets light the way to a better and smooth-sailing 2022.