lunar new year essentials

Lunar New Year Grocery Shopping Essentials: Amazon vs Lazada / RedMart vs FairPrice

The Lunar New Year is upon us and that means stocking up on essentials. This means reunion dinners, house-visiting, and spring cleaning. All that involves a certain amount of shopping, and it can be difficult to know what to buy and where to buy those items from. We have compiled a list of Lunar New Year essentials from online grocery stores, Amazon.sg, Lazada/RedMart, and FairPrice so you can easily pick up any items that you may need to prepare for the upcoming festivities, from cleaning products to hotpot ingredients to Lunar New Year snacks.


New Moon Golden 3s BundleS$63.10S$48
Fortune Baby Abalone (425g)S$24.90S$38.80S$38.80

Shabu Shabu Meat

Meat Affair Spanish Iberico Pork Collar Shabu Shabu, Frozen (250g)S$10.90S$12.90S$10.90
The Butcher’s Dining Beef Short Plate Shabu Shabu, Frozen (500g)S$14.22S$16.83
Master Grocer Wagyu MS4 Shabu Shabu, Frozen (200g)S$11.95S$19.95S$11.97
Hego Chicken Sliced Shabu Shabu, Frozen (300g)S$4.17S$4.90S$3.92
Hego Lamb Shabu Shabu, Frozen (300g)S$10.80S$10.80S$10.80

Shabu Shabu Sauce

Mizkan Goma Shabu Dipping Sauce (250ml)S$7S$8.40S$7
Mizkan Pon Shabu Dipping Sauce (250ml)S$7.40S$7.80
The Meat Club Asian Chilli and Garlic Dip SauceS$8.10S$9.80S$9

Hot Pot Soup Base

Hai Di Lao Tomato Flavour Hot Pot Sauce (200g)S$3.60S$3.80S$3.80
Hai Di Lao Spicy Hot Pot Sauce (220g)S$3.60S$3.80S$3.80
Meat Affair Pork Loin Bone Soup Stock, Frozen (500g)S$5.90S$5.90S$5.61

Hot Pot Set

Cornell 2-in-1 Table Top Grill and Hot Pot SetS$78S$79
Lunar New Year Hot Pot Set
Cornell 2-in-1 Table Top Grill and Hot Pot Set


Tiger Crystal Beer Limited Edition Chinese New Year Pack of 24 (320ml)S$39.95S$39.95
Heaven & Earth Chinese New Year Festive Edition Variety Pack of 24 (300ml)S$11.90S$11.90S$11.70
Authentic Tea House Variety Pack of 24 (300ml)S$13.10S$13.10S$11.70
Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Festive Edition Variety Pack of 12 (320ml)S$9.05S$9.05
Coca-Cola Healthier Choice Variety Pack of 12 (320ml)S$9.05S$9.05S$9.05


Fragrance Chilli Bak Kwa (280g)S$20.10S$21.50
Singlong Prawn Rolls (350g)S$10.35
Singlong Pineapple Tarts (180g)S$6.20
IRVINS Salted Egg Hot Bomb Fish Skin (105g)S$8S$8S$7.20
Shermay’s Keropok Prawn Crackers (225g)S$12S$12S$12

All these Lunar New Year essentials and groceries should be enough for most new year visiting and reunion dinners. Just browsing has got us drooling already!


bio-home Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)S$3.90S$3.90S$3.90
Mr Muscle Sink & Drain Declogger (500ml)S$6.95S$6.95S$7.85
MAGICLEAN Toilet Bleach Power (500ml)S$2.95S$3.40S$2.95
MAGICLEAN Kitchen Cleaner Refill (500ml)S$3.40S$3.40S$3.40
Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper Plus+ Paper Wiper Starter KitS$20.90S$19.89S$20.90
Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System Starter Kit with CaddyS$18.75S$19.95


Persil Anti-Bacterial Powder Detergent (4.5kg)S$11.75S$11.75S$14.75
Laundrin Classic Fiore Fabric Softener (600ml)S$10.90S$10.03S$10.90

Spring cleaning is a tradition that gets one’s house squeaky clean and ready for the new year ahead. These cleaning products are essential for getting every room and clothing neat, tidy, and immaculate.

For those looking for more, there are RedMart exclusives that is bound to satisfy anyone looking to eat their fill.

Redmart Exclusives

Fishball Story Yellowtail Fish BallS$5.04
Fishball Story Premium Fish NoodlesS$2.50
Fishball Story Beancurd KingS$5
DoDo Supreme Otah Bean Curd KingS$5.80
DoDo Supreme Fried WontonS$6
DoDo Supreme Ngoh HiangS$5.80
Deli Dukkah And Chilli HummusS$5.25
Deli HummusS$5.50
Deli Coriander HummusS$5.25
RedMart Handmade Golden Pineapple TartsS$14.80
RedMart Baked Crabstick with Pepper and SpiceS$6.80
RedMart Crispy Cuttlefish TinS$13.80
Shophouse Artisanal Pink GinS$80.96

These are all the items that can fulfil your Lunar New Year essential shopping needs. To sweeten the deal even more, these groceries and items can be delivered right to your doorstep with free delivery. Lazada/RedMart will offer free delivery for orders that total above S$60, while NTUC will offer the same for orders that total above S$79.

For Amazon, free grocery delivery is available for orders that total over S$40, while Amazon Prime members have no minimum spend required. First-time customers on Amazon.sg and Amazon Fresh also get to enjoy S$18 off with a minimum spend of S$88 and above.

Many of these items are on discount now, so make sure to stock up on these Lunar New Year essentials before the festivities start!